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Brief show of interest?

Mar. 5th, 2010 | 04:11 pm
posted by: sssargon in sssgame

I've been thinking about DMing maybe after spring break, and was interested to see if anyone wanted to play?
It o'course would be online. Which could be fun as we could get the old group back together?
We would do the roleplaying bits on this forum: http://www.smallhoard.freeforums.org/
And the encounters we'd schedule a time for and run through this free program, MapTool: http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=maptool

I have a couple ideas for the first game or two, but if people want to play I'll start actually putting the world together.

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up to no good

Dec. 18th, 2009 | 02:27 am
Roll a Listen Check: Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame


This is the only way I have to contact you!

Do you have the rules for...I think Xiggy called it a "wild bard"? Whatever Maviri (sp?) ended up becoming.

If you do, could you e-mail them to me?



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You f---ing asked for this....

Dec. 13th, 2009 | 03:09 am
Roll a Spot Check: a cold place
Roll an Innuendo Check: devious devious
Roll a Listen Check: Heart - Unchained Melody (Live)
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame

Guns! You wanted to be Ob!
Xiggy! Be a bard!
Sunshine! You wanted to be a homophobe!
Jesus! Dance with some shadows!

There's room for possibly one more player. But sometime, I'm going to run this one shot so all you fools can be your favorite characters.

It WILL be a one shot.

(That means, if you faceroll and waste time, the villain will f---ing kill you. Or assimilate you, as the case may be.)


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Dec. 10th, 2009 | 03:12 am
Roll a Spot Check: B107
Roll an Innuendo Check: awake awake
Roll a Listen Check: Outta Control by Baby Bash
posted by: goldcelestial in sssgame

So there's a game this friday, and it's very exciting.
Everyone's going to be waking up (in game) naked and itemless.
Fortunately animal companions will be present.
more info and quotes to follow.

quotes will also be posted..... somewhere? maybe on facebook.

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decisions decisions

Dec. 9th, 2009 | 06:13 am
Roll a Listen Check: The Bells of Notre Dame
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame

So peeps.

I am thinking of maaaaaaybe running a game next semester.

Here's the thing:

Each PC would have to be the mortal lover of a deity.


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Game Pics

Mar. 8th, 2009 | 03:42 pm
posted by: cyberiatsuinami in sssgame

Pictures of the Picture Ziggy drew on the white board and a lolcat for MovidCollapse )

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(no subject)

Jan. 31st, 2009 | 05:47 am
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame




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"Is it or isn't it - That is the question" A Brief Look into the Mind of Philyra

Jan. 26th, 2009 | 12:28 am
posted by: cyberiatsuinami in sssgame

May Adein and Kharas forgive me for the fool I am playing by messing with a master's craftCollapse )

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Time is Relative. It is All an Illusion

Jan. 25th, 2009 | 03:35 pm
Roll a Spot Check: Does it Really Matter?
Roll an Innuendo Check: pensive pensive
Roll a Listen Check: The Others Voices
posted by: darkqueen3 in sssgame

Thank the gods it was my left hand. That is all I am truly grateful for at the moment. I suppose it could just have easily have been my right, but it was not. My penmanship would not be this neat if Hezroulan's servant had taken the right.

Stop it. You are verging on hysterics at the moment, and that is the last thing you or anybody else needs right now. The others are probably concerned for your mental stability as it is, given how often you have broken down in the past weeks. Days?

Does time even matter anymore?

Pherynike is convinced that Percy's chronomancer must enjoy tormenting us like this. I am inclined to agree, but whatever has happened now is different from the time-traveling. We have always vanished from our own time and been transported into the past or future whenever it happens; never have we woken up to find ourselves in the future only to discover that we have somehow been interacting and living as normal the entire time. Whatever this is, it is something completely new.

My previous entry was somehow torn from my journal and lost. What happened to those pages? This journal has a clasp and lock, and I am certain none of my companions would meddle with it. I take special care with this volume; there is no chance that it was torn due to my negligence. To sum up what I penned on those missing pages, I will say this:

We convinced Theodameous to teleport us to Quaine, as I still wished to inform the Spears of my father's death, and Zalastre also had something he wished to speak to them about. We replenished our foodstuffs and purchased whatever we deemed necessary - as well as one pastry for each of us at the bakery - then made our way to the High Temple of Kambior. I already waxed poetic on the golden structure in the setting sunlight in the missing pages, and I'll not waste what little space remains in this journal by repeating what was already written. If I ever find those pages, posterity can read it therein. There was a surprise of sorts at the temple. My friend from the shrine in Bathe was sitting on the steps outside the temple, scribbling away in a volume of his own! I was surprised to see him again, and greeted him. Hijahn (his name; I finally remembered it) has gotten into our little group by subtle means. He is a scholar, apparently, and finds my friends and I a fascinating study, so he has decided to travel with us. I am not displeased by his presence, actually. He was a comfort of sorts before, and it is nice to  have somebody else to speak with. I must also confess that he is attractive, in a scholarly fashion. For a human. Furthermore, he is a wealth of information and possibilities. He could prove useful in the future.

Following this encounter, Zalastre was arrested. We were told later that Percy had called for his death, blaming him for instigating the war up north. King Laguff of Balachia had apparently arrested Zalastre for his own protection, or something like that. The long and short of it is that he called for a trial by priests, and we needed half of the high priests of all the known gods present. Our little group was charged with either hunting down as many of these priests as we could and bringing them back, or killing Percy so the charges became moot. We decided to sleep on the matter.

I also was able to speak with Vhiannon Tehler about my father. I explained that I was Kamen's daughter, and he pointed out that he knew of no such child. I told him that Father had only realized that I existed a few decades ago himself, and had been prevented from doing anything with such a revelation until recently. No further explanation was needed at that point; it seems the high priest is well aware of my father's promiscuity. Sooner or later, a child was bound to appear and that happened to be me. I asked him if he could tell me about Kamen, given that he is capable of shapeshifting into various races and seems to be well over two thousand years old. Even if he was truly an elf, he would have died long ago. We are long-lived, but only by centuries. No elf I know of can live for millenia. Vhiannon seemed shocked by this news, and had no further explanation. He was even more stunned when I spoke of Father's spear and asked if he knew how Kambior's spear had fallen into his hands. Does nobody have any answers for me? I am tired of riddles. I was in for a surprise, however; when I told him about the physical changes that had manifested in me since meeting my father and my brief tenure as Kambior's avatar - as well as my intentions to return the spear to the High Temple following Father's death - Vhiannon asked me if I wanted to become a Spear! I was surprised and honored by the question, but I am hardly fit to become a Spear. My profession is that of shadows and subterfuge, not sunlight and glory. I am no cleric, nor am I a fighter. I would not mind becoming a Spear, but I doubt I am suited for it, at least right now. I also do not have the time right now. There are more pressing matters, no matter how much I agree with their tenets and pursuits. Also, there is the matter of my being female. They are a 'brotherhood' after all, and I do not recall ever seeing a female Spear of Kambior.

Still... Perhaps in the future, when there is time.

Hijahn also gave me another possibility to consider. He mentioned a Rycanthis at some point during the evening, who is supposed to be the Right Hand of Kambior. Could it be that this Rycanthis and Kamen are one and the same? I would not be surprised if they were. Given all that has happened to me personally over these past months/weeks, I would believe almost anything at this point.

Now that my summary is finished, I shall begin the real entry.

After falling asleep in the High Temple, alone, I awoke to find myself in a totally unfamiliar room with a pair of arms about my waist. When I looked back, I saw that I was sharing a bed with Hijahn and he was still fast asleep. I managed to slip out of bed without awakening him, and when I looked outside I saw a forest and a village in the trees. There was also a naked man with white hair and an owl prancing about on one of the wooden bridges. After staring at this spectacle for a minute, I went to awaken Hijahn and asked him where we were. He gave me a strange look and said we were in Arlueth, in our home. My first thought was of resignation; surely we were in a different time and place again. So I asked him what year it was.

Twenty-six years in the future. I was expecting to be told something of that nature, but this particular time-shift was not like the others. It seems that I have been living and taking part in certain events the entirety of the missing twenty-six years. We did not merely vanish and reappear in the future this time; we were supposedly there the entire time! But all of that time following my falling asleep in the High Temple is missing, completely blank. But that is not the only shock. It seems that during this time, a great many things have occurred.

-Enough priests showed up for the trial. Zalastre was not executed, but he was banished from the continent on pain of death. Zadelia went with him.

-All that we were shown and told in our first jaunt into the future has occurred, but now Balachia is conquered and Crysk collapsed in on the gnomes taking shelter beneath it. Yunkui, Ralbastia, and the scattered, hidden villages of Arleuthi and the other rebels are the only areas not under Percy's control. He has conquered the entirety of Ideisquin otherwise. The Spears are also fighting, and now they are led by Rycanthis. Mythology becomes truth, I suppose.

-At some point in the past following the trial, I became a Spear of Kambior myself. Furthermore, Hijahn and I are a wedded couple with a family in this future. This I was not entirely displeased with, but by which was still surprised. I must have really fallen in love with him for a marriage to have taken place. Do not mistake me: I have nothing against humans or half-breeds. But I have never envisioned myself involved with anything other than elves in a marriage or a physical relationship. I met our children shortly after getting dressed. Half-elves both, a boy and a girl. Our daughter resembled me (save for her black eyes), and her name is Gwynelia, after my mother. She is fairly young and energetic, but otherwise seems normal. If anything, she reminded me of me in the brief time I knew her. Our son and firstborn, however...

Well, I was told that his name was David first. I met him on the stairs, when he dropped the plate and pastry he had been carrying to throw his arms about me in a hug. I was likewise attacked by Gwynelia from behind a moment later. However, David was not exatly what I had envisioned when told that I was a mother. I had envisioned a half-breed child with black or white hair in pants and a shirt. I was not expecting a child wearing a god-awful ugly pink dress with voluminous ruffles and a wide skirt with a matching bonnet. David was also the young man I had seen out the window earlier. When I finally untangled myself from my unexpected children's arms and finished making my way downstairs, I was treated to a brief exchange between Hijahn and David in which he shouted that his name was 'Mary Ella'. He allows his owl to land on his arm without any sort of protection, and says it feels good, so evidently he is a masochist. The boy is quite insane, and I honestly have no concept of how I could have birthed and raised such a child. I do not remember raising them, but surely I would have been a better mother than this! I played nice and smiled for the sake of the children, and then asked my 'husband' to tell me what the hell had happened in the past twenty-six years once they had gone outside to play.

-The others (save Zadelia and Zalastre, of course) resided in this same village with us and aid the rebels in their cause. According to another journal written by my hand, Pherynike and I had gone on a mission with another Arluethian that had ended rather badly the previous night. Chamonix was king, and he traveled between the hidden villages at various intervals. Philyra had settled down with another Arluethian, and the two women were apparently quite happy together. Pherynike and Serk had raised their twins and another child, and Serk had died at some point. I was not told what had become of Llinos, and Hijahn could tell me nothing of Merydae. Movid, I discovered later, had returned to Yunkui. From his startled embarassment, I can safely presume that in this future he has wed the Duke's sister Sianda (whom he despises) and has children with her. This idea fills me with great glee.

Soon after receiving this information, we were joined by Pherynike, Philyra, and her lover. The former two were filled in over breakfast, and we puzzled over what had happened this time, since this was different from the other time-shifts. All too soon, we were treated to another unexpected guest. This one, however, was a balor. It was not here to harm us, however, but instead to take us to Chamonix. Hijahn and the other woman did not seem too surprised, and I quickly gathered that this was how he contacted us for missions and the like. After arming ourselves, we were taken through a flaming gate to a round room.

Imagine our shock when Zadelia appeared, as well as an Arleuthian with bird-like feet and David. They were likewise brought by demons, but it seems that the three of us got the best option out of the quartet. The latter were brought, as I saw or learned, by a shadow-demon, a vrock, and a bebilith, respectively. The Arluethian was actually one of Pherynike's twins, and in terms of mannerisms and personality he was certainly her son. One wonders how his sister turned out, as he was quite...angry. I mean, who in their right mind mouths off to a king? For that he did, with great vehemence. We met Chamonix a few minutes later, after finding our way to an enormous room with a large, shallow pool. He had grown into quite the handsome, well-mannered young man, and displays several traits of a king without the arrogance I have always known in nobles and royalty. He has also learned to control his strength, and seems to have finally gotten over Quillathe's death.

He had summoned us because he wanted to ask us something. It seems that he also believes that something is wrong with what we were seeing and hearing. Unlike us, he retains his memories of the past twenty-six years. But he claims that they have a dream-like quality to them, as if they were somebody else's memories or something he would envision from a storybook. He remembers everything up to that night in Quaine with crystal clarity, but everything after that is hazy by comparison. Through much discussion, we came to the conclusion that what we were all experiencing now was not reality, but rather a fabrication of reality, perhaps the result of a spell cast by somebody else. The most likely culprit would be Percy's pet wizard, whose name is Meldann. I wondered if this was done as a way of removing us from the picture; for some reason, Percy has fixated on us, after all. We know about Andailyn and Haedriax, we knew about his plans for conquest, we had the Crown Prince of Arlueth with us, and we have played some part in many of his schemes to date. Perhaps he sees us as a threat, and this is a way of removing us so that he can make this fabrication a reality? Or perhaps he is simply toying with us. I am unsure.

During all this talk, Pherynike's son was scratching calculations on the floor and finally began drawing a summoning circle in chalk. David had taken to swimming in the pool in his dress. Actually, he was merely walking about in the shallow water while moving his arms as though swimming. He had earlier complimented the musculature of Chamonix's derierre, and attempted something else of a decidedly lewd nature which I thwarted. He had also greeted Chamonix by shouting "Penis penis penis" at the top of his lungs, and I was forced to cover his mouth to make him stop. What is wrong with this child? Did somebody rob the cradle and replace my and Hijahn's firsborn son with an imposter? I would not have been so careless as to have dropped an infant, and I doubt Hijahn would either. At the very least I would have taught the boy some manners. Behavior such as this would have made me the laughing-stock of Velmontya!  But I digress. When asked what he was doing, Pherynike's son explained that he was going to try and summon something unaffected by time.

In the end, he somehow summoned Etaivia, the goddess of change. As a herald of her arrival, several things happened. Pherynike's skin turned black, Zadelia's hair changed (I believe, though I might be mistaken), Philyra's hair turned pink and her clothes became a sparkly dress, David became a woman in a dress, Pherynike's son's feet became human, the water in the pool became purple, and the floor turned into pale blue marble with golden veins. As far as I can tell, I was unaffected and I do not recall if Chamonix was changed or not. Why is it that when we find ourselves in the physical presence of gods, it is always by mistake? First my accidentally summoning Shiaria, then my unexpected possession by Kambior, and now an accidental summoning of Etaivia. What's next? Will we somehow call Asharevelo or Nambelai into our presence? Thus far they have not been too upset with us, or rather amused and genial, but eventually we are going to seriously offend and/or anger one of them if this continues.

We asked her if she could tell us what we were experiencing currently, and she told us that it had to do with our time-shifts and that this was a fabrication, as we believed. Or at least, I think that is what she said. She was rather evasive in her answers. She did tell us to find the one inconsistency in all that we were seeing, and that once we found that the entire fabrication would begin to unravel. After telling us this cryptic answer, and informing us that whatever was going on had Hezroulan worried (and that is worrisome in and of itself!), she departed.

We debated on the inconsistency of which she spoke for long minutes, and then Pherynike noticed the charm bracelet I had wrapped near the head of my spear. I had not realized the inconsistency there, given how I had lost it before, and when we examined it we realized that all of the charms were there. Every last one.

Father had removed several before giving it to me, which he claimed he had done because the gods in question were either evil, unreliable, or would demand too much in return for a boon. Shiaria's charm had not returned after I had used it. How had all these charms gotten back on the chain? Even more questionable: why had all of the charms been on the bracelet in the past, when I had seen Father during the conflict between Ideidre and Relnik? This simply made no sense.

We debated whether this was what Etaivia had meant, and Pherynike's son suggested attempting to summon Shiaria with the bracelet again. Given that the charm had not returned, it was probably a one-use item. Presumably that meant that the charm would not work, something the weaver of this illusion would not know. While we were talking about this, my idiotic son grabbed the bracelet off my spear. The elder boy cast a spell and threw his toad at David, immobilizing him and filling the room with the stench of rotting meat. I snatched the bracelet out of his hands. Unfortunately, he had one of the charms in one of his hands, and this caused the charm to break off.

Of all the gods it could have been, why this one? Why? Why Hezroulan, of all the gods?!

We were not treated to the honor of Hezroulan's presence, thankfully. We instead were confronted by a flaming white cat which took one look around, then padded over to me and bit off my left hand, which held the charm bracelet. When David became unfrozen, he tried to climb atop it. This gave me enough time to tie a tourniquet around my arm, so at least he - she, actually -  was good for one thing. The cat swatted him off; all that remains of my firstborn nutcase is a bloody smear on the wall. Despite knowing this was all false, I was left wondering "how am I going to explain this to Hijahn?"

After the cat left, everything went black. My arm hurts now, so I shall have to continue this at a later date.

I blame Percy and Meldann.

Kionalil eda Deistrani

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More Lolcats for the Party

Jan. 25th, 2009 | 05:12 am
posted by: cyberiatsuinami in sssgame

Just a few I promise.

LolcatsCollapse )

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