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Give Me a Room and a Month's Worth of Wine... Repeat as Necessary

Jan. 15th, 2009 | 06:22 pm
Roll a Spot Check: Unknown
Roll an Innuendo Check: predatory predatory
Roll a Listen Check: I hear no music in this place
posted by: darkqueen3 in sssgame

No, drinking will not solve any of my problems. If anything, it is the last thing I need right now. I shall save the drinking for later, when I can afford to do so. At the moment I need a clear head and full control of my senses, not a grape-induced escape from my pain.

So much has happened. So fast...

-It seems that I was correct about Luesande and Yunkui, as stated in a previous entry. He has been dealt with and will hopefully trouble us no more. The wizards of Ralbastia have been searching for him for some time now, and he was given to them in exchange for their aid in stopping the tidal wave that threatened the coastal city. When last I checked, thirteen wizards were prepared to summon magical walls to protect the city, including the Archmage. I know not why they pursued Luesande, or how he could possibly be fully human and still be the son of the half-elven Archmage, but they should be more than capable of imprisoning him or whatever else they have planned for him.

-I still believe that Luesande was somehow responsible for the Enfris outbreak here, and Quillathe might have contracted it from a potion she drank at his behest. We will never know, however, without the bottle and without a Sacred Healer to confirm whether or not she had the disease. That seems moot now, considering that she is beyond healing. Also, the Enfris has been cured throughout the city. Nothing could be found of Lady Liona, and I wonder if perhaps she called Marekaimon himself down to aid the victims. Was she used as an avatar, as I was? Or did she sacrifice herself for the spell? I know that he is a benevolent god, but I have heard of priests getting consumned by spells before. My father suffered a similar fate, though not in calling down Kambior or any such thing. Perhaps she is yet alive. Perhaps not.

-There is certainty about Quillathe's fate, however. I was watching when she died. I could say 'killed', but it was an accidental death, and nobody blames Chamonix. He is inhumanly strong, and he was in an emotional state when he hugged her; I do not think he ever considered the possibility of her getting hurt in such a way. Arleuthii are, after all, sturdier than most races. I am certain that Quillathe would not hold it against him.

-Pherynike wishes to kill me, I believe. Chamonix was traumatized after he realized that Quillathe was dead, and as Pherynike was busy with her newly-born babes and Zadelia had gotten ill at the sight of my cousin-by-marriage's body, Serk and I were the only people willing to comfort the boy. After a point, he passed him to me and a short while later I heard a voice in my head, asking me if he had killed her. I told Chamonix in like fashion that she didn't blame him, which I believe to be true. He responded by running away. Pherynike was apparently under the impression that we should keep Quillathe's true cause-of-death a secret, that Chamonix would not have discovered the truth. I told him in the most gentle fashion I know, and she does not believe me when I tell her that he would have found out eventually or realized that the potion did not break her ribs and render a slender section of her torso into pure jelly. If he had found out the truth in such a way, and realized that we all lied to him, Chamonix would have hated us forever for it. Pherynike has known him longer than I have; should she not have realized that such was the case? It was better to tell him now and get it over with rather than lie to him and risk him finding out on his own. He is an extremely intelligent boy. He would have realized it sooner or later.

-We have a new companion to take Quillathe's place in our little group. I cannot recall her name at this moment, but she is another Arluethian. Apparently she has been overseas at a rather eccentric bardic college for seven years or so, and only recently returned to Ideisquin. I say 'eccentric' to be polite, because she truly has the worst sense of fashion I have ever seen. But she found and comforted Chamonix after he ran from us, and she seems to be a nice person overall. She is more of an actor than a ministrel, so Zadelia has another bard to speak with. Are all bards as eccentric as they? The ones in Velmontya were not as...
odd as they.

-We have identified a culprit for our recent jaunts through time. King Percy's nameless mage, the one spoken of by Luesande, is apparently responsible for it. We discovered this when he sent most of us a thousand years into the past, where we met my father again. This time it was a different continent, not just a different city. Father approached us to help us, and I was shocked to see him. I was...not at my best, to say the least, and completely threw him off-balance by saying his name and asking him what year this was. I also asked him if he was the High Priest of Kambior or just a Spear now, and he replied that I was the first person he'd met on this continent that had ever heard of Kambior. I remember babbling something about being his daughter and him telling us about how Ideidre Dragonloved and Relnik had gotten married - which explains why he vanished at the end of the war, and confirms what I suspected about why he wanted us to bring him a ring - and offering to take us to a tavern so he and Llinos could have a drink. Then we were teleported through time and space
again to an unknown location.

-We have been chartered by a dark elven mage named Theodameous to locate his uncle, who goes by many names. One of those names, funnily enough, is Evannin Faldus. According to him, the world is coming apart at its core, unraveling, and he is attempting to find a way to stop it. Or something like that. All I can remember is that he had summoned us to him through use of a necklace that looked a lot like the one Haedriax had.

-I suppose I have been avoiding it long enough. I have been worrying for some time now over Haedriax and Merydae, and now I have an answer, of sorts. While we were awaiting the tidal wave's arrival in Yunkui, all of us save Zalastre suddenly found ourselves in an elaborate ballroom. On the upper floor, staring down at us were Percy, the nameless mage, and the two children. Percy spoke with me this time, and informed me that they had been most unpleasant ever since he brought him into Ibandrith from Velmontya, demanding to be returned to me and the others. I demanded that he let them go, and... a dagger...
(the ink is obscured here, as if by tears) After he cut his throat he threw him over the railing, like a discarded toy. Haedriax was dead by the time I reached him, and I was screaming, and Merydae was screaming... I can only pray that we can resurrect him. Zalastre can bring the dead back without a diamond, but can he do so without the body? I do not even know if Merydae is still alive, or if that madman slew her as well. We were teleported into the past without Pherynike shortly after the murder, and I have not had the chance to ask her about it. I am afraid to, actually. Merydae is the only family I have left, unless Kadansel and his son survived the attack. If she is...

No. I'll not say it. I won't write it. I refuse to believe it unless I see it for myself. She is alive.

Whether we can resurrect him or not, Percy will pay for Haedriax's death. Father Kambior, Mother Nambelai, hear me: I will have blood for this.

Kionalil eda Deistrani


(no subject)

Jan. 8th, 2009 | 08:11 am
posted by: takiaizawa in sssgame

(crossposted to sssgame and babybowlerhat)

So it's January, and I have no clue about anything. Can someone please tell me
--when Hollins will be back in session for J-Term,
--if Sam and Kaze are planning to be back for J-Term,
--who's GMing which games when,
--and when would be a good time to fit a few babybowlerhat games in during J-Term.

I haven't made the time for D&D lately, something I plan to rectify. Hope everyone had a good holiday.


And before I forget

Dec. 26th, 2008 | 03:13 am
Roll a Spot Check: Swamptown
Roll a Listen Check: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame

Dear Hipplomat,

Your name is Maoghra. If we have to share a prison cell, please try to contain your shit in one corner, or at least one side.


(no subject)

Dec. 15th, 2008 | 05:10 pm
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame

Experience for you all!

Kionalil: 25,100 (level 7)
Pherenike: 23,105 (level 7)
Movid: 25,717 (level 7)
Quillathe: 21,238 (level 7)
Zadelia: 25,795 (level 7)
Llinos: 24,308 (level 7)


Keli's Jterm Game Map and City Descriptions

Dec. 11th, 2008 | 03:17 pm
posted by: cyberiatsuinami in sssgame

MapCollapse )

City DescriptionsCollapse )


EXP for you people!

Dec. 11th, 2008 | 01:21 pm
posted by: delanthaenas in sssgame

Kionalil: 23,300 (level 7)
Pherenike: 21,105 (level 7)
Movid: 21,417 (level 7)
Quillathe: 19,638 (level 6)
Zadelia: 22,995 (level 7)
Llinos: 23,508 (level 7)


Trying to make sure I've got it right...

Nov. 21st, 2008 | 08:52 am
posted by: sssargon in sssgame

The people playing in my campaign are:

Player - Crime

Zel - Dealing in illegal substances
Xiggy - Being a bard
Guns - People trafficing
Twozus - Theft
Keli - Theft and theft conspiracy
Toaster - All-degree murder and murder conspiracy

Is that everyone?
I may have a space for one more person, maybe. Especially if they have an awesome idea. but otherwise, I think this might be good.

You all caught the 300,000gp instead of 200,000 update, right?
Also, post a description at some point of how many people are in your gang and how you divvied up the cash monies.

Also, I'll be online more to talk to about it, because my classes ended yesterday.


Quilathe's Letter to her siblings

Nov. 18th, 2008 | 03:39 am
posted by: cyberiatsuinami in sssgame

double the journal entries; double the anst
...that she immediately sent to her brother, Aramil.Collapse )...that starts the recording of her deep emotional trumoil.Collapse )


more GAME of CRIME stuff

Nov. 17th, 2008 | 07:08 pm
posted by: sssargon in sssgame

- I'm upping your cash allotment to 300,000 gp. Also, you do not have to purchase the property you live or work on, unless they're something extra special about it.
- Please feel free to form relationships with the other characters, good or bad ones.
- You don't all necessarily know you were born at the same time.
- There are no schools in Maeridoun. Anyone looking to be taught anything needs to find a mentor.
- Though the island is frequently in motion, it is not moving 100% of the time. Sometimes it's just floating around.
- The fashion is a little strange here. People generally like mismatched bright colors and dress in as many layers of partial clothing as possible. For example, you might see a guy with the right sleeve and lower diagonal of an orange shirt under the left sleeve and opposite diagonal of a green shirt, with a bright blue sash wrapped around his torso, a yellow scarf, and blue shorts over tighter yellow pants. This isn't the only sort of thing people wear, but it is the most popular style.
- Between the shore of the water and the city perimeter is mostly lots of rocks, some areas jagged and others smooth. Most of the wildlife are sea iguanas, some monitor lizards, some smaller lizards, and lots of birds. There are some scraggly bushes that sprout from between the rocks that supply a variety of berries, both for eating and dying fabric. None of them are poisonous, though the Tragh Berry is pretty foul tasting and considered both a delicacy and a show of power for stomaching it.
- The most common races in Maeridoun are Tieflings and Dwarves, followed by humans, half-elves, and half-orcs, followed by a variety of other races. Elves are uncommon, gnomes are rare, and halflings are few and far between.


Identity Crisis of Epic Proportions

Nov. 17th, 2008 | 04:29 pm
Roll a Spot Check: An inn in Bathe
Roll an Innuendo Check: depressed depressed
Roll a Listen Check: Some tune the minstrels downstairs are playing; the mandolin is off-key
posted by: darkqueen3 in sssgame

It almost seems that an eternity has passed since last I wrote in this journal, but in reality it has only been a day or so. So much has happened, so quickly...

All of us have died again. This time it was because of a... Well, I suppose the closest approximation I can use is a blackguard. We had left Idaysta after once of Cerrynd's winged archers turned the city into one giant orgy (Pherynike, Zalastre, Zadelia, Movid, Bill, and Chamonix were all struck; I am unsure how the rest of us escaped unharmed. Though, the arrows did not seem to cause pain when fired...), and violet rain had fallen shortly thereafter. Zalastre and Zadelia had teleported away shortly after being struck by an arrow that split in twain, so they were not with us. Regardless, after we had fled to the plains, we were approached by a man wearing black armor with numerous deadly spikes. His face was hidden, and the grass withered and died beneath his feet, marking his path in a trail of death. Our horses panicked at the sight of him, and only Pherynike was able to keep her seat. Chamonix was thrown nearly at the man's feet.

My throat went raw from my scream of grief and denial when the man picked him up, fisted one hand at his front, and tore something out of his chest before flinging the boy's body away like so much refuse.

I had little time to digest what had just happened. Faster than I would have believed, the man was standing before me. He grabbed me by the front of my vest and lifted me high; there was no escaping his grip. But rather than tear our my heart or anything else, he instead ripped the bracelet Father had given me off my wrist and dropped me to the ground. I scrambled away from him, as fast as I could, but it was for naught. His greatsword sliced into me before I could get very far. I do not believe I was completely dead, but I might as well have been. All I can remember after that is the sound of my own heartbeat, so fast and frantic, and dimly remember thinking that my death would come all the sooner if it kept its pace. Then there was only darkness, and silence.

I awoke to cold earth and air. We were in a forest in the midst of winter, and Pherynike swore that we were in Arleuth. But that made little sense, since Arleuth was in the midst of spring or summer when we were attacked. It was gradually realized that, once again, we had fallen victim to a time-jump. We were all healed and alive. But to our horror, Chamonix was not with us.

Zalastre and Zadelia, however, were. And they were also quite naked. It does not require an archmage to surmise what they had been doing in their absence, though I was genuinely surprised when I realized exactly how far the love spell had taken them. They had wed at some point before this little trip, and were enjoying their wedding night before waking up in the middle of nowhere. Zalastre borrowed Pherynike's spare winter cloak and Zadelia donned the maroon gown given Quillathe by King Percy all those days ago, and I climbed a tree to discern in which direction civilization lay.

Soon after we set off towards some fires I had spotted, Zalastre stopped, looked around, and said that he thought we were surrounded. He was correct, as was proven by a rain of arrows shortly thereafter. Quillathe and I tried calling out in both Elvish and High Elven, but to no avail. Pherynike turned herself into a gray elf - I cannot forestall a smirk at the recollection - and I heard Movid surrender to our unseen assailants.

As it turned out, we were surrounded by grey elves. He believed us to be rebels, but we quickly pointed out that we were not simply by guiding their attention to Zalastre and Zadelia. I think he thought I was daft, but I managed to get him to reveal that the rebels in question were 'demons' and that it was forty years beyond when we were attacked. He told us he would let us live if we agreed to bring him the rebel leader, either alive or dead, and gave us a royal seal so we could get into Tanodeun and see the Lord Protector, Prince Andailyn, who had been appointed to that post by King Persainus.

King Percy! Prince Andailyn! Lord Protector of Tanodeun!

We had been teleported four decades into the future, and Ibandion had become an empire. We would discover later how extensive the country had become, but then all we knew was that Arleuth had fallen to Ibandion, and likely Velmontya as well. I have no idea if this Prince Andailyn was Haedriax or some other impersonator, or if Merydae was in the city. The leader of our assailants did not know of any woman by that name acquainted with the Lord Protector. If this was Haedriax, what had four decades beneath Percy's thumb done to him? Had he been turned into a heartless killer like the mad king? Would he remember us or slay us? And where was my cousin? Furthermore, how had Percy gotten free of the Spears and what had happened to them? I wondered if perhaps it was the other wizard's doing, the one Luesande had mentioned when Zadelia and I were imprisoned after Zalastre's death. The Arleuthi, apparently, were doing their best to retake their country, and rebel activities were concentrated around Tanodeun.

When we got close to the city, it was decided that one of us should enter the gates and gather information about what had happened in the past forty years. Quillathe wanted to go, but it was almost unanimously agreed that Zalastre should go alone. So he left, promising me that if he heard anything about Haedriax or Merydae he would tell me. The rest of us made camp. I was uneasy about making a fire, necessary though it was, and decided to patrol the perimeter to make sure nobody bothered us, be they Arleuthii or Ibandionian.

After some time, I noticed a slender form drop from a tree, a person with glowing purple eyes. Carefully keeping tabs on those eyes, I made my way back to Pherynike and asked her if Arleuthii's eyes glowed in the dark. She told me that all of them were different, but it was not impossible. I gave her the direction of the eyes and resumed my patrolling. She went out to meet the eyes.

When she returned, she told us that our unseen visitor was named Kairos and that he was indeed one of the rebels. I had believed that Prince Arexii might be the elusive leader, or the queen. Imagine our shock when told that Prince Chamonix was the rebel leader. It seemed that he had survived that terrible wound by shapeshifting into an insect, something that had no need of a skeleton, and had found himself completely alone. My heart sank at that; he probably thought that we had abandoned him! The Ibandionians had managed to conquer Arleuth so quickly, and presumably Velmontya and the nearby towns and cities as well, because the Arleuthians had gone back to the Abyss when they realized how badly the Blight was ravaging their people. The Queen had been killed there, and Kairos knew nothing of Prince Arexii. They had come back from the Abyss, with a few new severed demons, to find their country assimilated into the Ibandion Empire. Only Balachia remained independent, though not for long; they were fighting a losing battle at the time. Yunkui had been destroyed, and the gnomes of Cyrsk had gone underground to avoid the army. As for my people, Pherynike had not thought to ask. I know not what state beautiful, ruined Velmontya is in during this time. She told us that Kairos would return for us in the morning, to take us to Chamonix.

Zalastre never returned, and Kairos retrieved us at dawn. Quillathe, Llinos, and Zadelia all decided to wait for him, while Pherynike, Movid, and myself went to meet with the prince. Kairos elaborated on the state of things, and when I asked what he knew of the Lord Protector all he knew was that somehow Prince Andailyn had survived Chamonix's collapsing a building atop him.

Was that Haedriax? Or does Percy have a legion of Andailyn impersonators, each ready to take up the name and title when the previous one is lost? 

I have to find him and my cousin. I just have to. If this is the future they face, then I will do everything in my power to change it. I will even kill Percy myself, if the Spears cannot. He already owes me a blood-debt for my family, my home, and the people I love. And even if it means my own death, I will see that debt repaid. I swear it.

*here on the page is Kionalil's full name and lineage, underlined with what looks like a thin smear of blood*

Shortly after starting off for the rebel camp, we found ourselves in Bathe. Yes, we had teleported through time once more, and landed back in our own day and age. Pherynike, Movid, and I were alone, by which I mean that our companions were nowhere in sight. I reasoned that they must be somewhere nearby, since they've been with us whenever we jumped before, and after a few minutes (and some drinks for the others), we set off for the residential area of the town in search of Zadelia's home. She had mentioned that she was from Bathe, after all.

We found it by knocking on doors and asking if anybody knew where Zadelia lived. A human elder told us to look for a house with a severely overgrown garden, and upon seeing the place I was left with the thought that she was understating things. It was not quite what I have been told a jungle looks like, but it was the match of the wildest deep forest I have ever seen, save for a distinct lack of trees. Upon knocking at the door after fighting our way through waist-high grass (or in Movid's case, eye-high), we were met with a human man carrying a stick. After telling us that he "didn't want any," he tried to shut the door. Movid blocked the door with his foot and we quickly asked if Zadelia was there. He bellowed back into the house "ZADDY!!!" She appeared, much to our relief, and he asked her if she knew us. Following this we were led inside, sat down at a table, and a woman - Zadelia's Aunt Mopsy, as we learned - plunked a plate in front of each of us. These plates were filled with something I cannot identify as food, despite watching Quillathe devour it with obvious pleasure. It should have been food; it was made of foodstuffs, mainly fish, and had obviously been cooked. But there were also things in it that definitely have no place in an entree.

Such as vertebrae. And small eyes. And pieces of sprouting potatoes. I believe I saw a shark's tooth in there as well.

I was starving, but politely declined with the best smile I could muster. I have enough problems without adding food poisoning to the list. None of the others were eating the...thing...either. Quillathe was the only one who partook, and she was shoveling it into her mouth as fast as her hand could move the spoon. I lost my appetite just watching her eat it. What sort of terrible cooking has that poor girl been accustomed for her to actually enjoy such a thing as that? 

Thankfully she is not rooming with me tonight. I have no interest in losing rest over the inevitable result of her culinary misfortune.

Zadelia's first question was if we had seen Zalastre. No, we had not. I believe all of us shared the same feeling of dread; had we left Zalastre in the future? That question was put aside as we discussed what we planned to do next. Llinos and Movid were insistent that we go to Yunkui, despite knowing that we no longer had a person capable of saving us from the Enfris outbreak, or even a person capable of protecting us from arcane spells. I seem to recall Pherynike insisting that she had to go to Yunkui since Serk was there shortly after getting shot with an arrow in Ideysta, which confirmed my suspicions that Luesande was somehow involved in the outbreak there. But Luesande is of less importance than my cousin and Haedriax; Nambelai only knows what has happened to them and what has been done to them. At last it was decided that we should continue to Yunkui, after hiring a Sacred Healer, of course.

I also received distressing news. Somehow, though they had only been gone for an hour or two, Zadelia and Zalastre had spent four days in Bathe before getting married the previous night. I cannot explain the discrepancy in the passage of time, but I do know this: there is no chance of resurrection for Kamen now. Unless he was resurrected by Kambior or somebody else, my father is gone.

That was the final nail in the coffin for me. I had clung to the hope of bringing him back and seeing him again after hearing the news of my mother and Jillaina's deaths, and Haedriax and Merydae's abduction. I could not bring the others back, but there was a slim chance I could do so for him. I would not have completely been an orphan, and we would have had another powerful ally in the fight against Luesande, Percy, or whoever the hell we're fighting next. Besides, only my father knew the answers to all the questions I have. My hope crumbled when I realized that it was too late, and I was alone, without any answers.

I seem to be crying more and more these days. Perhaps this is Fate's way of calculating the difference, for all the times I did not shed tears in my youth, when fully entitled to do so. What is happening to me?

Even worse, all I have of my parents now are Mother's hair-clip and the signet ring and letter Father gave me. The bracelet is gone, stolen by the man in black armor, and Kambior took his spear with him when he departed my body. I have no home, no family, nowhere to go, no one to turn to. Nothing.

I do not even know if Merydae and Haedriax are still alive or not.

Soon after it was decided that Movid would go to the local temple of Marekaimon and procure a Sacred Healer, we were alerted to the fact that there was a man laying on the path outside. It was Zalastre, and he was suffering from many terrible wounds, bleeding all over the stones. The wounds were sword-strokes, and he was curled around something wrapped in his robe. Zadelia managed to heal him a little, slowing the bleeding, but he still required something stronger. Movid ran to the temple, and we were left trying to aid him through conventional means. He returned with none other than Liona Lialle, Marekaimon's high priestess! She immediately healed Zalastre, and when he was able to uncurl himself he revealed that the thing in his robe was actually Chamonix, who was sleeping peacefully and fully healed. There was not a sign of injury anywhere on him!

I have to wonder. What effect has this had on the future, if any? Kairos only said that Chamonix said he woke up to find himself alone; he never said whether he ever found us or not.

We asked Zalastre where he had been, and he said it was a very long story. As for Chamonix, he had gone back to retrieve him and the black knight had still been there. The wounds, unsurprisingly, were from his blade. Zadelia immediately fell into a fuss over him, and you must imagine Liona's surprise when she realized that they were married. I did not intend for her to hear me, but I could not help muttering "only because of a certain archer" in High Elven to myself.

She heard me. To shorten the tale, she cast a spell that, apparently, broke the enchantment on Zadelia. It did not seem to have an effect upon Zalastre.

Quillathe, of course, is furious with me. My ears were ringing from her sharing of her feelings on the matter for quite some time afterward. Zadelia was very quiet when last I saw her, and Zalastre still loves her. None of the others really reacted all that much. Movid convinced Lady Liona to accompany us to Yunkui, and she will meet us at Zadelia's house after finding somebody to look after her sons. Pherynike asked if Chamonix could stay with them, and she said she would see. That is a wise decision on Pherynike's part; the last thing we want is for our young charge to catch enfris.

We went about our own business after that. Zadelia and Zalastre disappeared behind her house, Quillathe went to the temple of Selenaedre here, and Llinos and I went to the shrine of Kambior. Llinos needed an Atonement spell due to her running away from us, her companions, when the black knight attacked, and I just wanted some peace in the the house of my father's god. Once again, I found myself crying as despair and confusion overwhelmed my thoughts.

But to my surprise, one of the priests attempted to comfort me. I cannot recall his name at the moment, but he asked me what life had done to me to make me grieve so much. I ended up telling him everything, from the change in my eye color to Kamen to Velmontya's destruction to Kambior's possession. I expressed my confusion and my need for answers, and he seemed to understand. When he looked at my eyes, he told me they were like the Dawnlord's own. The glow I do not recall him having an explanation for. As for Father, he gave voice to one of my many suspicions, wondering if it was possible that Kambior himself was my father. He said that there were stories of Kambior, and other gods, taking on mortal form to walk amongst their children and have a more direct role in the world. It was not impossible that, if such was true, a god might wish to sire or birth actual children during their mortal lives, since procreation was a part of life itself.

I laughed humorlessly and asked him this: "If that was true, and I am Kambior's daughter, then why don't have I have some kind of power that indicates such? Wouldn't I have inherited some of his power if I was born directly from him?" 

The priest pointed out that a benevolent god such as Kambior would hardly be so careless with his power or progeny. I had actually come to that conclusion long ago, but asked him next why, if I was Kambior's daughter, was all of this only manifesting now? If I was the daughter of a god, wouldn't things like golden eyes, glowing skin, or anything else have been apparent right from the beginning, or at least from an early age? He asked me when these changes had started, and I told him they had not happened until after I first met Kamen. He had been the one to point out the change in my eye color, and the soft illumination of my flesh had only come about after his death, though I cannot pinpoint the exact moment either occurred. The priest hypothesized that my father had been the catalyst for these changes, and perhaps an awakening in any latent powers I possess.

I still believe in Kambior. He and Nambelai will continue to receive my prayers and faith. But I will admit that I am not sure what to think about his sudden possession of me in Velmontya. I am not ungrateful, since it helped slay so many invaders and possibly drive the majority from the city, but I am also upset since Kambior did not see fit to use me to save my family. I could not care less about Alsamoris and Chiarella given the way they treated me, but Mother, Jillaina, and Lady Wenanni are another story. Same for Haedriax and Merydae; though the former is not related by blood, I do think of him as family and my responsibility. I do not even know Kadansel's fate, and he, at least, is one I would not wish dead, not after the brief talk we had at Quillathe's 'funeral'. Why did Kambior not at least try to save them? Perhaps it would have been for naught, but the effort would have meant something!

Now that I think about it, something about the way Kambior spoke to me did remind me a little of Father...

Irrelevent. The priest's words after that almost made me question my faith in the Dawnlord, and I sarcastically asked him if he shouldn't be reassuring me that it was all according to some divine plan or something and guiding me further into Kambior's arms, not steering me away from them. He replied to that, but I do not quite recall what he said.

Still, talking with him was a comfort, of sorts. I do not know why, but I did trust him. Otherwise I would not have said so much. We exchanged names, and he said that if I needed anything I should come find him. Perhaps I will in the future.

Llinos joined me after he left, and we began talking. I appreciate her kindness, and I do see the parallels between us to which she alluded: both of us have lost our homes and families, along with most everyone we knew, and there seems little chance of ever retrieving them. I will repeat here that I have never hated or completely disliked Llinos. She simply annoyed me when she acted so arrogant. I am willing to try and make friends with her. Besides, she knew Father longer than I did. Pehaps I can learn more about him from her, even if it is just stories and memories.

They are all I have now as it is.

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